Actually, some of the famous celebrities were once poor and homeless.

Reaching the peak of success as a celebrity seems pretty amazing. You get whatever you want. You can go to expensive vacation destinations and meet interesting people. A lot of people look up to them and dream about becoming just like them.

But many celebrities who have successfully hit the ranks of fame and fortune admit that their beginnings were never easy. They were once dirt poor, homeless and have spent nights on the streets before they rose to fame. But obviously, poverty did not stop them to try and work harder. Here are the biggest stars who came from absolutely nothing;

Selena Gomez

Raised in Texas by a teenage single mom who struggled financially throughout her childhood, Selena grew in poverty with her big dreams. Despite their situation, she pursues her singing and acting career. Luckily, she became a big star and most of her songs and movies hit the top.

Jennifer Lopez

At her 18, she wanted to pursue her passion in dancing but her parents did not approve it. She move out of home and was forced to sleep in the dance studio, homeless, yet full of determination and hopes. Look at her now, not only a famous and successful singer and actress but also owned a massive property portfolio.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Before he became one of the most renowned Hollywood actors, Leonardo was once a poor kid raised by a single mom and grew up in L.A surrounded by poverty, crime and drug users. With his hard work and support of her mother, he started acting in various commercial and short films and earned countless awards and recognitions.

Nicki Minaj

Behind her colorful quirks and incredible achievement in rapping is a tough and thorny background. Her father was a drug addict and her mother was the only person who supports their family. Determined to make it in the music industry, she accepts singing roles as a backup in New York and was eventually discovered. Nicki was the first female rapper to have seven singles simultaneously in the Hot 100.

Justin Bieber

While he receives hundreds of bashes every day, you can’t deny this guy’s ambition and fortitude. Justin lived below the poverty line, mostly because of having a broken family, with his mom as the only one who raises him. He took time to learn how to play instruments and joined a singing competition and won. Through Youtube with his cover songs, a talent manager discovered him and became one of the world’s most successful young musicians to own the top three bestselling singles in America.

Scarlett grows up on a public welfare, relying on food stamps that provide meals for her family. From a low-income household, she rebranded herself in a series of films and becomes an advocate for women’s empowerment. She’s now one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood today.

Poverty motivates many people to work harder, do better and achieve more in life. These famous celebrities ultimately turned their lives around and motivate people who dreams of having an abundant and successful life, despite starting from nothing.

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