Modesty spends a lot of time fighting against the Hollywood liberalism. However, in most international or local films, nudity is a prerequisite not necessarily to add cheap sex appeal to the scenes, but because it plays a significant role towards the success of the story. Thanks to the talented actors and actresses who portray interesting characters with their naked bods without hesitation and made each scene looks real.

While there are plenty of leading actresses who don’t mind taking it all off on-screen, some beautiful celebrities have managed to make names rising above the fray of their good-girl or wholesome image. We’re shedding light on the list of some of the beautiful celebrities who refuse to do nude scenes on cam;

Jennifer Garner

Perhaps, you’ve seen her in sexy lingerie or done some sex scenes for her major roles. But this gorgeous lady insists she will not be taking it all off. She justifies it during her interview with MTV following a statement that she’s not interested.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress already made a statement on New York Daily News that she doesn’t ever plan on doing nudity in future films. Even in kissing scenes, the young beautiful actress admitted that she found it more than a little difficult. Certainly a role model of her generation.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

She’s one of the Playboy Magazine’s choices, receives movie roles offers several times and her sexy photos are advertised on billboards across LA. But despite her being comfortable wearing sexy outfits and lingerie, the actress says no to nudity, following a statement during a press conference, “That’s not something that I feel particularly comfortable with.’

Mila Kunis

Remember her goddamn iconic sex scenes on the Friends with Benefits movie? She actually used a butt double. During her sex scenes with co-star Justin Timberlake, it took her four months before deciding to give it a go. The brunette beauty added, “Anytime you do love scenes, it’s just awkward.”

Megan Fox

Megan got one of the most beautiful faces and curves in the industry, but we haven’t seen everything yet, and that’s intentional. While she plays hottie roles in some of her movies, she doesn’t plan on doing nudity. I guess her reason is valid. According to her statement on The Sun On Sunday newspaper, “It’s up to the mother to determine what she thinks her children can handle seeing or not. I don’t think my children should ever see me doing some of that stuff.”

Jessica Alba

Talking about spectacular bodies and beautiful faces in Hollywood, this 36-year-old actress didn’t disappoint. Some of her sexiest roles are Idle Hands, Good Luck Chuck, The Sleeping Dictionary, Into the Blue and Sin City. But since the beginning of her career, she was very unfenced about her disapproval in doing nude scenes. Simply because she doesn’t want her kids and grandparents want seeing her boobs.

Steering a career as a celebrity is a complicated thing. You can choose to stick on your professional image or go for roles that’ll pay the bills. But these celebrities have already made their decision.

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